At the Athlete Project Agency we offer a range of sport management services to maximise opportunities for our clients and enhance the relationship between an athlete and their corporate sponsors.


At the Athlete Project Agency we understand the important role sponsorship plays for an athlete and the commercial value businesses gain by forming a partnership with an elite athlete.  Each of the AP's athletes are available for sponsorship and endorsement opportunities and are looking to create long lasting partnerships. 


Create a buzz around your business and enhance the visibility of your brand and product by utilising sport as a platform to gain the most out of your marketing spend.  AP athletes are available for print, digital and billboard advertising, radio and television commercials and pr and social media campaigns.


Bring the expertise and experience of an elite athlete to your organisation's next event or corporate function.  Each of our athletes are experienced speakers who can connect with your audience by sharing their experiences. Topics can include leadership, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, goal setting, the journey and achieving success.


Established and well managed connections allow our agency to provide added value to each sponsor organisation's marketing and media team to ensure you get the most out of the commercial relationship. 


An athlete's career is finite, therefore life after sport is a key priority.  We pride ourselves on the individual attention our athletes receive, with metering and support provided as an essential element to the athlete - manager relationship by working with each individual athlete's sports organisation and support networks. 


Community engagement is essential to business success and more often we see businesses engaging within their community to build trust, loyalty and a strong brand reputation.  Businesses are often involved in the community through school or charity initiatives and events and look to incorporate elite athletes to help build that connection.